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Why I love the Mediterranean Diet

You’ve probably heard of the Mediterranean diet. It’s a diet based on what people eat in Mediterranean countries (as you probably guessed!) The diet is comprised mostly of fish, poultry, olive oil, nuts, legumes, a variety of vegetables, and some pasta and bread.

I can tell you firsthand, it’s absolutely delicious. But there’s a special ingredient that makes this diet so good for you. When I was on my honeymoon in Italy, my husband asked a store owner how long a loaf of bread would last, and she looked shocked. “Today!” she said.

You see, the key to the Mediterranean diet is how natural and fresh the food is. They literally only eat bread that’s made that day! We have a lot we can learn from this way of eating.

In today’s video, I share what I love about this diet. I explain why people can eat this diet and still lose weight, even while eating bread and pasta. I also talk about what makes mealtimes SO different in Mediterranean countries.

Be sure to watch it here, especially if you’re interested in trying it out!

It’s a beautiful thing to buy clean foods that you cook yourself, especially when you enjoy meals in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere with people that you love. If you adopt this diet, just make sure to buy fresh, high quality foods, otherwise you might gain weight. 🙂

My book “The Food Solution” is all about the quality of food, and how to make sure you aren’t eating food that’s laden with chemicals. This is the secret sauce to any diet or eating routine. Almost every diet will include this main ingredient: good quality food. The problem is, unlike in some European countries, finding good, clean, nutritious food in this country is not so easy.

In the book you’ll find book a 21-Day Diet Detox designed to help you clean up your diet, plus it’s a great way to lose those extra pounds. If you don’t have the book, you can go HERE to purchase your copy.

If reading isn’t your preferred way to learn, I also have a new “Food Solution Course,” designed as a compendium to the book, where I walk you through each chapter. It also includes an audio series that talks you through my 21-Day Diet Detox, to help you gently cleanse while you clean up your diet.

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Stay tuned for my next blog, where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the popular Keto diet. You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel where I post all my latest videos.

Sending you so much love!

Yours in health,
Dr. Cari