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Feeling challenged during perimenopause?

I know you’re all concerned about the coronavirus, and I’ll keep updating you on that as needed.

If you missed my email yesterday on what I’ve learned about the coronavirus and how I can support you during this time, be sure to check it out HERE.

Today we’re continuing the conversation on perimenopause. I have so much to share with you on this topic, and perhaps you have some extra time on your hands to dive in with me!

My mother went through menopause and had no symptoms – that definitely wasn’t my experience. It also isn’t the experience of many of the women I meet.

For some women, things can get really tricky around this time with symptoms such as weight gain, PMS, breast swelling, increased pain, and even migraines.

Women can also experience a lot of emotional upheaval, and can find themselves feeling anxious, depressed, and angry for no apparent reason. They often finding it difficult (if not impossible) to suppress emotions, which can be a good thing!

For me, this looked like learning to express anger, an emotion I had been suppressing for years and had no idea how to process – I thought I was just a person that didn’t get angry! Perimenopause showed me that I simply hadn’t learned how to feel this emotion.

If you’re going through a challenging transition, please know you’re not alone.

In today’s video, I talk about what’s actually going on hormonally during perimenopause, which will explain many of the symptoms you may be experiencing. I also explain how to support yourself on a physical and emotional level.

If you’re feeling like you’re going a bit crazy during this time, this is a must-watch:

If you didn’t get a chance to watch last week’s video where I share the signs that you’re in perimenopause, be sure to go HERE.

Highlights from today’s video:

  • It’s normal for your cycles to change from month to month
  • One month you might have a dud egg, or you might not ovulate at all, which will cause low progesterone levels and lead to estrogen dominance
  • Chemicals in our environment can act as xenostrogens, which can wreak havoc on your system (see more HERE)
  • Gaining 5 pounds of weight is common during perimenopause, because the body needs the extra fat to keep itself balanced (sorry ladies!)
  • Liver and adrenal health is SO important during this time
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, good nutrition, plenty of exercise, and that your blood sugar is balanced
  • Internal stressors can really be affecting you, so be sure to identify those, and get support from a holistic health practitioner if you need.
  • Women’s groups and dances are so beautiful during this transition, as they can connect us and help us to release emotions.

I really hope that helps!

If you’re needing extra support on your journey into menopause, I’m here for you. In my practice, we look at the emotional side of things as well as the physical, so that you can truly thrive in the second half of your life.

If you’d like to learn more, you can call or text my office at (310) 319-1122.

Stay tuned for my next video, where I talk about estrone, the hormone that enters the picture during menopause, and why it is SO powerful.

Yours in health,