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Curious about the Keto diet?

This is the last email in our diet series – it’s been fun to share all of this with you! Today we’ll be talking about the Keto (or Ketogenic) diet.

Many of you have heard of this diet, or perhaps tried it yourself. But what exactly is the Keto diet?

Here’s how it works: our body makes energy using glucose, a form of sugar we get from foods. However, if for some reason glucose isn’t available, our body defaults to a backup system to where it uses something called ketones to make energy instead.

The purpose of the Keto diet is to intentionally put yourself in a state where the body doesn’t have enough glucose to make energy, so you force it to use the ketones instead.

For people who have stress in the brain (like in the cases of Alzheimers, or seizures), people who have blood sugar issues (such as diabetes), or people who are dealing with really tough weight issues, this diet can be helpful. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

In today’s video, I share who might consider doing this diet. I also explain why this way of eating can stress out the body, and how you can do the Keto diet in a more sustainable way.

Be sure to watch it here, especially if you’re considering it!

I really don’t recommend this diet as a long-term solution unless there is a strong health reason for it, because it’s hard to maintain. Going in and out of ketosis causes stress to the body (and you know how I feel about putting the body under extra stress!)

We’ve talked about so many different diets, but no matter what diet you end up choosing, make sure to buy fresh, high-quality foods. I really cannot stress this enough!

My book “The Food Solution” is all about the quality of food, and how to make sure you aren’t eating food that’s laden with chemicals. This is the secret sauce to any diet or eating routine.

In the book, you’ll find a 21-Day Diet Detox designed to help you clean up your diet, plus it’s a great way to lose those extra pounds. If you don’t have the book, you can go HERE to purchase your copy.

If reading isn’t your preferred way to learn, I also have a new “Food Solution Course,” designed as a compendium to the book, where I walk you through each chapter. It also includes an audio series that talks you through my 21-Day Diet Detox, to help you gently cleanse while you clean up your diet.

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I hope this series has helped you understand the different diet options out there. It can be a lot to navigate on your own! As always, I’m here if you need support along your healing journey.

Yours in health,
Dr. Cari

P.S. If you missed my other videos about popular diets like Paleo and Intermittent Fasting, check out my Youtube channel.