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I did a cleanse under the Sustainable Health Centers' direction. It was one of the best things I could do for my was like pressing a reset button to start clean and refreshed as possible!

The Sustainable Health Center helped me correct some long-term health issues I had from an improper diet. I now have more energy, more stamina and am more balanced emotionally. They are professional, kind and patient with their clients. I highly recommend the center.

I want you to know how grateful I am for you, your gifts, and who you are as a person. You have been so instrumental in my growth this last year and I am and always will be so thankful for that!

Extreme depression, tired all the time, I wasn’t sleeping on a schedule at night, I had gained weight and was craving all foods not considered healthy. In just a few weeks, my sleeping is much better, depression is only slight. I would say my attitude and spirit have changed. I am less moody and sad.

I was suffering for three years I had many symptoms such as swelling, seizures, heart, stomach and thyroid problems. I have not had any seizures and my body is stronger and has been able to take on the responsibilities of everyday life.

Over weight, depressed, on too many medications. Not eating healthy, chronic heartburn, allergies, anxiety, gas, bloated, irritable. Since starting the Program I’ve lost 30 lbs., gotten off all allergy medication, anxiety was all food related. I only get it when I eat poorly. What a great program. My life has changed so much for the better.

Your wealth of knowledge, passion, patience, commitment, integrity and vision make you one of the AMAZING FEW that I'm fortunate enough to have leading me in the direction of living a purposeful, vibrant, joyful, happy, healthy and abundant life...I will be forever grateful.

I suffered with bladder infections from a young age and was given antibiotics after antibiotics with no results. I have also suffered with sinus/migraine headaches lasting three days. Now, I am so happy to say NO Bladder infections. No more antibiotics. As for my sinus/migraine headaches so far they are a thing of the past. I have opened my eyes the toxins we encounter in our daily life had an effect on me. I have to say my health has changed greatly and I am a happier person due to my work with the Sustainable Health Center.

I am so grateful to you for showing me that gluten was bothering my body. Since I've gone gluten-free I have had more energy than ever before and I've finally been able to lose weight!

The Sustainable Health Center has helped with digestive problems I have had my whole life. I had written off heartburn, weight gain, and sluggishness to heredity. After a couple months with (whole food) supplements and guidance I have none of my previous symptoms. Following this plan I have seen great improvement in my health.

Fatigue, dry skin, cracked tongue, boils, bald spots on head. Wellbutrin for chronic depression, vague but persistent anxiety. Confusion about where to start, confusion about what to eat, confusion about diet(s). Arthritis pain in knees feet and back… I felt like I was dying a little bit everyday and it made me panicky because regular doctors said it was ”all in my head.” Now, (I) feel great., much better energy. No Pain! I am unmedicated for the first time in 20 years. People keep telling me how great I look. I run two miles per day in the sand. I feel like I have been sleep walking through life before I started working with the Sustainable Health Center.

For three years I had bleeding itching hurting sores (on my legs). Several doctors gave me treatment that did not help. Working with the Sustainable Health Center improved my condition in two months. The sores are almost healed. It’s nice to feel comfortable again.

I was tired and depressed, more than I wanted to admit. I have my energy back and I’m starting to feel like I did years ago. I am getting my enthusiasm and optimism back. I am happy and excited again.

I feel wonderful. Lots of energy. My shoulder stopped hurting. I didn’t realize I could feel better than I did.

You rock in your work. I appreciate your work very much!