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Skip the Chemically Ridden Altered Products (C.R.A.P.)
Start Your 21-Day Diet Detox Today and Thrive!

Dr. Cari Schafer’s groundbreaking book, The Food Solution, implores readers to skip the C.R.A.P. Chemically Ridden Altered Products and follow her 21-Day Diet Detox to find lasting health with real nutrition. Over the years the American diet has moved further away from whole food sources and has become increasingly riddled with chemicals and other toxins. The processed foods that have become staples of our diet have led to an array of physical and psychological illnesses, including heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

We have forgotten the reason we eat: to nourish our bodies and minds to grow and thrive. In Schaefer s holistic medical practice, she has helped many people halt or reverse illnesses by showing her clients how to return to eating food – not food products. By guiding readers on a 21-Day Diet Detox that can be tailored to fit every person s lifestyle, Schaefer teaches readers how to use nutrition as a healing tool. She arms readers with a wealth of knowledge about our modern, compromised food system, and educates readers on the many ways our food has been modified to become not only un-nutritious but often harmful.

Based on research and more than sixteen years of clinical practice, The Food Solution offers concrete ways to

  • Identify, find, and eat food;
  • how to add nutrients and avoid chemicals and inflammatory foods;
  • Provides food nutrition facts, shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes.

If you are feeling overweight, tired, and older than your years, or just need a tune-up, read and implement the guidelines in this book today and you will jumpstart a lifelong journey of healthy living.


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