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Welcome To Our Center!

go here Congratulations on your decision to seek support around your desire to be healthier. Often the hardest step is making that first appointment.

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source link As most of our new clients are referrals, you were probably referred to us by someone who has experienced improved health, and who cared enough to want you to experience the same.

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viagra sales figures 20111 We are excited to meet you and see how we can help you in your journey towards improved health. Following is information that will help make your first visit as beneficial and informative as possible.

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What To Expect On Your First Visit

Your First Visit

What To Expect On Your First Visit

dissertation grants Your first visit will last approximately 75 minutes and includes a private consultation with one of our practitioners, a comprehensive case history and a comprehensive nutrition-based physical examination, to gain a deeper understanding about the barriers, toxins and nutritional imbalances that are playing a role in your overall health picture.

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viagra adverse reactions The initial consultation will be based on the confidential patient information forms downloaded from our website and completed prior to your visit. If you intend to complete the forms in person at our center, please give us advance notice and arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time.

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What To Bring

Please Bring The Following With You On Your First Visit

  • A photo ID
  • Any medications or nutritional supplements you are currently taking
  • All relevant confidential patient information forms, completed and signed noroxin Download here
  • Please wear clothing of a light color or bring a light colored shirt with you to change into in order to facilitate our testing procedures


Your Payment Options Payment is expected at the time of service. Cash, checks and credit cards are gladly accepted. We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

viagra on craigslist Our office  finished my essay does not file insurance claims. However, we will provide you with a coded sales receipt if your policy covers visits to an acupuncturist or registered dietitian

Treatment Plan

Creating a Personal Treatment Plan Once the consultation and testing procedures have been performed, the practitioner will ask you to schedule your next appointment within one week and no later than three weeks. At your second appointment, your practitioner will go over his or her report of findings, including wellness recommendations and your customized program so that you may achieve the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. Adhering to the program schedule prescribed assists you in getting better faster and staying well longer.

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Do you have any questions?

the art of the personal essay read online If you have any questions about your involvement with our clinic, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We are happy to be of assistance in any way that we can. Contact us

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