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Dr. Cari Schaefer DACM, L.Ac. is a healthcare expert, provider, and lecturer on health and nutrition. With a Doctors Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and as a nationally certified herbalist and health practitioner, for over 18 years Cari has helped hundreds of people identify and remove the barriers blocking them from feeling their best.

Through her own journey and her years of clinical experience, Cari found that nothing impacts the success of your life more than how you feel every day. “If you wake up tired, in pain, emotional, or just not feeling your best than it is impossible to perform at your best. Whether you desire to be the best parent you can be, or the best CEO of a multi-million dollar company, a solid foundation of good health is essential.”

Cari gained this understanding when at age 32 she had to overcome her own health crisis. Challenged to walk three blocks due to extreme fatigue, in constant pain, and depressed, she learned firsthand the limitations that poor health creates. As a teen model, Cari was America’s “Milk Girl” in a national ad campaign, proving that poor health can happen to the most unsuspecting person, even those who are the image of health. Using Designed Clinical Nutrition she was able to return to a life of good health. Cari has combined all that she has learned through her training and her personal health journey and created Nutrition Stress Analysis, the system she uses to help others obtain a solid foundation of high-quality health.

Cari shares what she has learned with others through one-on-one clinical care, public speaking, and by teaching and mentoring other healthcare practitioners. She is currently working on a book demonstrating how the choices we make every day can make the difference between a vibrant, success-filled life and a life fraught with ill health and other challenges.

Cari is a Nationally Certified Herbalist. a primary care provider of Chinese Medicine by the California State medical board, a certified N.E.T. (Neuro-Emotional Technique) practitioner, a certified Nutritional Response Testing practitioner, a certified Yoga practitioner, and creator of the Nutrition Stress Analysis system.

Cari was born in Southern California and raised in Santa Monica. She currently owns and operates the Sustainable Health Center in Santa Monica.

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