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It’s ok to feel good right now.

How are you doing during these strange times?

As I speak with my clients, I’m finding that they are experiencing ALL kinds of emotions.

Some are finding this to be a hard, stressful time, whereas others are feeling better than they have in years.

For the people who are feeling good, I’m noticing a pattern: they feel a little guilty about finally getting the rest they need, about enjoying themselves when others are struggling.

Does this sound like you? If so, today’s video is a must-watch: (Don’t worry, if you aren’t feeling good, I have another video coming for you!)

You have full permission to feel good right now.

Not only will it boost your immune system and help you get through this experience, but you’ll be helping everyone around you by being a positive force in the world. Being stressed and anxious isn’t actually helping anyone! (But if you are feeling these things, please don’t judge yourself! And know that I’m here to help.)

In my next video, I’ll be talking about what to do if you’re having a rough time, an experience I know many people are having.

Remember, this will pass. We will get through this. Let’s all keep taking deep breaths and taking good care of ourselves.

Sending you all so much love,