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How Emotions Affect SIBO

I’m back to talk about SIBO and how we can diagnose and treat this common (and often uncomfortable) digestive issue. *You can go HERE if you missed the last video on causes & symptoms of SIBO.

In today’s video, I explain: 
* How to get tested if you think you might have SIBO 
* What to do if you have a positive result 
* The emotional components that can play a part in SIBO (super important) 
* How to prevent a recurrence from happening

Watch below, especially if you think you might have SIBO, or if you have IBS or another undiagnosed digestive issue:

I hope you found my SIBO video series informative and helpful!

If you’re dealing with uncomfortable digestive issues and would like to get tested for SIBO, we are currently offering a $50 discount on initial office visits. I’d love to support you along your healing journey and help you get to the bottom of what’s going on.

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