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How Emotions Affect SIBO

I’m back to talk about SIBO and how we can diagnose and treat this common (and often uncomfortable) digestive issue. *You can go HERE if you missed the last video on causes & symptoms of SIBO.

In today’s video, I explain: 
* How to get tested if you think you might have SIBO 
* What to do if you have a positive result 
* The emotional components that can play a part in SIBO (super important) 
* How to prevent a recurrence from happening

Watch below, especially if you think you might have SIBO, or if you have IBS or another undiagnosed digestive issue:

I hope you found my SIBO video series informative and helpful!

If you’re dealing with uncomfortable digestive issues and would like to get tested for SIBO, we are currently offering a $50 discount on initial office visits. I’d love to support you along your healing journey and help you get to the bottom of what’s going on.

You can reach out to, or text us at (310) 319-1122 to schedule your first appointment!