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Struggling with your New Year’s resolutions?

Happy 2019! How has the new year been for you so far?

I’m checking in because it’s February, that time of year when our New Year’s resolutions begin to wane…even the ones we were so excited about!

It can be easy to feel disillusioned, and to give up on the dreams we had for ourselves back in January. Yet this doesn’t have to happen!

Your dreams can stay alive all year long. You just need to ask yourself one very important question.

Watch this video to find out exactly how to stay inspired around your 2019 goals. And be sure to keep scrolling below for the new client discount we’re offering this month!

Remember, keep getting to the root of what you’re truly desiring – it can shift everything!

If you’d like support along your health journey this year, we’re offering a special $50 discount on a new client visit. Normally initial, hour-long sessions are $300, and this month they are just $250!

Please email [email protected] if you have questions or would to book your first session. Gift certificates are also available if you’d like to gift this to a friend or family member.

I’d love to support you in overcoming your health challenges so that you can truly thrive this year. You deserve it!