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Having a rough time right now?

Today’s video is for those who are having a tough time right now.

I myself have gone between loving this time to feeling confined, down, and challenged by the limitations.

It’s totally normal to be feeling this emotional roller-coaster as we navigate these uncertain times.

I actually see these challenges as opportunities. So many of our usual distractions (like shopping, exercising, eating out, dreaming about our future plans, going on dating apps, etc.) have been taken away from us.

Without those distractions, we can come up against some of our deepest fears. They are so deep, we may not even realize what is upsetting us. We may even start doing things like blaming our loved ones, as I did. (Watch the video to hear what I mean!)

By experiencing these old programs, we have the opportunity to free ourselves from their effect on our life.

In today’s video, I explain what you can do if you’re finding this time to be emotionally challenging. I also share a really personal story of how I broke free of a lifelong unconscious pattern during this quarantine:

Remember, this can be a beautiful time to get to know yourself more deeply, especially the parts that are feeling sad and anxious.

The little ones inside need our love right now, more than ever.

If you could use some support in processing your emotions, remember I’m available for virtual sessions. There’s no need to even leave your house!

If you’d like to learn more, you can call or text my office at (310) 319-1122.

Sending you all so much love. We will get through this!