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How Food Lowers Our Vibration

Did you know that everything has a vibration?

I know this may sound “woo-woo” but it really isn’t…it’s basic physics. Literally EVERYTHING has a vibration, which determines what something looks and feels like. A desk, for example, has one vibration, while a human has another.

While this may seem logical, what you may not realize is that one vibration can affect another. This is true of everything in life, even the food we eat. Because we eat food every single day, it can really affect our vibration. Watch the video below to learn more:

If your food has metals, added nutrients, or anything that isn’t naturally occurring, know that it is affecting your vibration. And not in a good way.

But don’t get discouraged! By learning about the contents of your food and making choices to eat meals filled with foods that are radiating a high vibrational frequency, you can avoid lowering your vibration altogether.

I’m here to support you with this. My book, “The Food Solution” is a great place to start. It will teach you how to remove the chemically-ridden products (aka low-vibe foods) from your diet so that you can start feeling happier and healthier. You can grab your copy HERE.