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Why it’s selfish to neglect ourselves

I want you to learn from my journey and the choices I made.

I missed A LOT in my life because I didn’t take care of myself. Because I was too sick to show up for those I loved.

I want more for you.

In this video, I explain why it’s actually selfish to NOT take care of yourself. I also talk about the things I missed because I was too sick to experience them:

Your body is a sacred vessel for your spirit in this lifetime. When you’re in pain and sick, it’s incredibly difficult to shine your beautiful light.

Take care of yourself so that you can show up for your life and for others.

If you’re experiencing a health issue and would like some support around it, we’re currently offering a $100 discount for your first office visit ~ it’s a great time to get started! You can call or text our office at (310) 319-1122 to make an appointment. I’d love to serve you along your healing journey.

Remember, your health is the foundation for everything in your life. And you deserve to have an amazing one.