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I eliminated ALL stress from my life, and it backfired!

By the time I was 32, my health had completely crashed.

Why? Well, I had become a “carbo-tarian” which eliminated essential nutrients from my diet (full story HERE), I had taken harmful antibiotics, and I had unknowingly breathed in black mold from my home.

At one point when I worked at a clinic in Florida, I could say to almost every single patient that I worked with that I too had experienced whatever ailment or sickness they were suffering from. (I worried that if they all got together, they would think I was a liar!)

Bascially I was “serial sick,” so I decided it would be a good idea to eliminate ALL stress from my life. Watch the video to hear what I did (it’s pretty extreme!) and how it backfired: 

You see, instead of removing all stress, we want to be able to TOLERATE the normal stressors of everyday life, such as being in a stinky new car. Unbecoming a “Highly Sensitive Person” is actually an important part of our healing.

If you’d like support dealing with stress or sensitivities, you can call or text our office at (310) 319-1122 to make an appointment. I’d love to serve you along your healing journey.

With love,