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I have exciting news!

For years I've been a licensed acupuncturist…who doesn't actually practice acupuncture! Now I finally have a title that truly reflects the work I do. I created this short video to share my exciting news! I'm so honored to be a…

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I can’t believe I said this!

In the 18 years that I've worked with people, I’ve realized that one thing that plays a bigger role in our health than anything else. In this video, I explain what this #1 contributor to health is. You’ll also chuckle…

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How Food Lowers Our Vibration

Did you know that everything has a vibration? I know this may sound "woo-woo" but it really isn''s basic physics. Literally EVERYTHING has a vibration, which determines what something looks and feels like. A desk, for example, has one vibration,…

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